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You will get precious experience by working for our company. Quality education will deepen your field knowledge. Experience and education together will enable dynamic career growth. Unicorn Top Gun Academy is a long-term systematic educational program that is directly linked to the individual career paths (analysis, development, testing...).
Trainee Programs
We regularly organize trainee programs oriented on analysis, testing and software development for university students and graduates. They participate in a free intensive theoretical and practical training , which usually lasts 4-6 weeks . Upon successful completion of the trainee program graduates are offered junior position within one of the IT projects .
Evening courses
Evening courses enable junior IT specialists to juggle work on a project with several weeks of studies focused on analysis or individual programming languages.
Long-term educational programs
These programs aim at deepening senior IT specialists' knowledge in the spheres of project management, software architecture, business architecture and testing. These courses are usually for one or two terms.
Trainings and certificates
Our company is technologically independent. We offer various trainings and certifications focused on particular technologies and project management.
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